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    Knots 3D

    v1.3 Released on the App Store!

    App Store - Knots 3D

    Knots 3D will give you a whole new perspective on knots! Draw, Zoom, Flip, Rotate! Have you ever wondered what a knot looks like rotated 45? or a full 180 so you can see the back of the knot? Use the 360 tool to spin the knot and see how it looks from any angle in 3D! As the knot is drawn, pause and play to see all the ins and outs. Use the Zoom or Flip options to get a different perspective. Available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

    This release adds 15 new knots with many additions to the boating and fishing categories.

    New knots for v1.3 include:
    • Albright Special
    • Anchor Hitch
    • Blood Knot
    • Buntline Hitch
    • Improved Clinch Knot
    • Constrictor Hitch
    • Lanyard Hitch
    • Perfection Loop
    • Rolling Hitch
    • Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
    • Running Bowline
    • Surgeon's Loop
    • Trilene Knot
    • Uni Knot
    • Uni-to-Uni Knot

    12-10-2011 02:35 PM