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    Hi guys!
    I just wanted to let you know that we published a new 3d racing game for iPhone:
    N.O.S. Car Speedrace (release data 12/06/2011)
    Are you bored of all those flat physics racing games out there? Then
    N.O.S.Car Speedrace is the right game for you! WIth its amazing 360 degrees physics emulation you will experience the most amazing car crashes you ever seen on iOS breaking through smoke and fire.

    This is an adrenaline pumping racing game set on the famous oval circuits
    of Daytona, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Bristol, Darlington and Las Vegas.

    - Online multiplayer against racers from multiple device types

    - Amazing 360 degrees physics emulation

    - Universal version for iPod,iPad and retina display .

    - 12 amazing cars and 6 oval tracks based on real circuits

    $ 2.99

    Itunes link:App Store - N.O.S. Car Speedrace

    12-10-2011 09:51 AM

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