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    PDF Forms on the App Store

    PDF Forms is a new valued addition to our PDF applications family, which contains PDF PROvider, PDF Printer and WEB to PDF solutions. This is a powerful tool to manage already converted PDFs, such as forms, articles, notices, contracts by annotating, filling forms and using signing capabilities.

    PDF Forms is aimed at easy signing of the legal documents, contracts, notices etc. Just save a copy of your signature and place it in a required area of a PDF document. To adjust the signature size you can resize it by simple dragging of the signature frame.

    Another function of the PDF Forms is filling PDF forms, which is especially useful for conduct business or educational surveys. Just open an empty form and tap on the required field to add text there. This is very easy and convenient.

    You can also mark or comment the disputable paragraph or any part of the text or picture when discussing contract terms and making article reviews, or simply highlight the important place in the document.

    PDF Forms works with any PDF file received by email or via iTunes File Sharing, loaded from Dropbox folders and opened from any application which generates PDF files (such as PDF PROvider) using ‘Open in’ command. The same variety of options is available for documents sharing. To send several files you can archive them for your convenience.

    Internal File Manager allows you to organize your PDFs easily. For example, you can create separate folders depending on the recipient, document type or state, e.g. processed document or pending.

    Use PDF Forms to work with complex documents by splitting documents and changing pages order, so you can create new files from the previously generated. For example, if you receive a complex form, after filling and signing its part, you can combine what was already processed into single PDF file and send it back.
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    Get a 50% off PDF Forms application for St. Valentine's Day!

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    We are excited about the release of the new iPad and congratulate all iPad users with this new arrival! As you may already know, the new iPad is coming with the Retina display.

    The new update of PDF Forms application has the Retina-Quality User Interface, which adds even more bright experience and comes to the next quality level.

    The update is already available to download on the App Store!

    03-22-2012 07:47 AM