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    Notebook+ has updated to New Version!
    You can easily insert pictures into your notes from iPad Photo Album. You can rotate, drag and zoom the picture to any size and form as you like. Note with picture, simple and perfect. New Notebook+ supports inserting photos from iPad2 camera. Seize the moment and keep it with your notes in Notebook+.

    Notebook+ meets your daily iPad texting needs perfectly! With all its practical functions, Notebook+ acts wonderfully when youre taking your notes, writing down your memoir and so on. Open your beloved Notebook+, experience a brand new journey of taking notes!

    Notebook+ is your best assistance of taking notes on your iPad. Easy and convenient, like youre writing on the real paper. With the built-in keyboard, you can take down your notes much more effectively and easily. Powerful functions of Notebook+ help you to create as many notes as you want, write down anything in your daily life by writing in Notebook+ on iPad, Notebook+ will take good care of them. Would you like to write on such a cute Notebook+? Lets have a look into it, youll be surely attracted by its attracting features.

    Notebook+ provides you with a whole picture of all your notes. All your note files can be seen clearly in this display. You can select the specific file you want to visit and edit. Your notes are shown on the bookshelves and you can pick it down as youre reading a novel. Quite convenient, isnt it?

    Writng with your finger is quite flexible, you can either write down your memoir in your own way, or even draw your notes down with your hand. You can also input with the screen keyboard, which may enhance the speed when you need it. Enjoy your note-taking in different ways by choosing your fonts and colors!

    Write down your notes and share them with your friends and colleges! Notebook+ presents your notes perfectly!

    Notebook+ provides you various ways to share your notes! Send your notes to e-mail, sync them with iTunes or upload them to Facebook! You can also output PDF of your notes from iTunes! Thans the powerful backup and restore function of Notebook+!

    Air Print function of Notebook+ helps you to print your notes anytime! Select single page, several pages or a whole note file for printing, let your notes be shown on paper immediately!

    Would you like to take notes with Notebook+ now? Please experience all its magical functions and make your daily note-taking full of pleasure!

    Notebook+ is available in App Store NOW!

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    Thanks for sharing!
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    Hey! I m interested Have sent an email, please check
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