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    We've just launched our first app: Dashr. It's an elegant all-in-one app that combines Instagram photos with your favourite RSS news feeds. We've designed it to have the efficiency of a light weight RSS reader and the style of a digital magazine.

    Photo Features:
    • Enjoy Instagram with an easy to browse photo grid.
    • Sign-in to Instagram to view your photos and feed.
    • Browse popular photos without an Instagram account.
    • Add likes and comments to photos.
    • Search for users or tagged photos.
    • Follow other users.
    • See the attributes for each photo at a glance.
    • Share photos via Twitter or email.
    • Swipe through full-sized photos.

    News Features:
    • Read the latest from your favorite websites with RSS.
    • Browse our selection of popular feeds to add.
    • Search for any feed provider or topic.
    • Reorder feeds however you want.
    • Get prompted when there are new articles available.
    • Read the text version or the original webpage.
    • Share articles via Twitter or email.
    • Play video full screen or on an AppleTV via AirPlay.

    The main screen displays a selection of the latest instagram photos and headlines from your main feeds. With a swipe you can switch into either photo or news mode. It's the ideal way to keep up with whats happening on Instagram while you keep up with the news.

    We're also offering it at an introductory price for a limited time. So check it out. We'd love some feedback.

    Search for Dashr on the iTunes App Store.
    12-08-2011 08:54 PM

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