1. AlexWarren's Avatar
    "The Things That Go Bump In The Night" is the first text adventure game specifically designed for smartphones, and is now available FREE in the App Store.

    You'll have to search the App Store for it as I'm unable to post links!

    In the game, you are a security guard settling down to a quiet night shift, when things start to go wrong. You must make your way around the compound, solving puzzles and dispatching mysterious beasts.

    Unlike the text adventures of old, you can play this game without any typing! Instead, use the links and menus to navigate and interact with the game.
    12-06-2011 03:53 AM
  2. Sfepa's Avatar
    Hah! i was playing in this kind of games long time ago, when there was no computers in each house, it was great then . I'll try this one , Thanx!
    12-06-2011 04:40 AM
  3. mOOncOw interactive's Avatar
    LOL ... nice idea, I'll get it.
    12-12-2011 07:10 AM