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    Hi everybody,
    I'd like to introduce you to MemoPlace, my first iPhone app on the store.
    The original idea came to me while walking on the streets of London: I was looking for an house at the time, and everytime I encountered a "For Sale" advertising while running to work I had to stop, open my Reminders on the phone and start noting down infos about the place, address etc..well, I did feel I could really use the concept of just talking while passing by and having my words recorded automatically
    with the exact location and map, ready to be recalled at a later time.
    From that Idea comes MemoPlace: a mean to keep track of places of interest by just recording a brief memorandum. Just went to a very good japanese restaurant? Say the words "best japanese ever" and the app while do the rest for you!
    You can share the messages with the world by emailing them to your contacts, and so it becomes easy to use the app to share your location, invite friends over and giving directions to your place at the same time, and so on.

    It is a free app, at least for the moment. My aim is to spread it around as much as I can, and to receive feedbacks, either via rating the app or by emailing me your opinions and suggestions as I strongly believe that is the way to learn about your skills and weaknesses, and therefore to improve for future works.

    Thanks for your time, hope to here from you!

    Apparently I cannot post link atm, but you can find the app in the Apple Store under MemoPlace (or iTunes -> apps -> MemoPlace) and links from there!
    12-05-2011 03:56 AM

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