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    I wanted to let you know that we have just released our second iPhone app! Experience your music in a whole new dimension with FX Viz Scope, the new music visualizer from Phoenix Software. Take your iPod song library, turn on the music and be entranced by the hypnotic waveform visualization.

    "Captivates your eyes with beautiful visuals... let your mind swim into the mesmerizing world of beautiful music... soothes your eyes the way your favorite music soothes your ears. Listening to music on this app is an entirely different experience of listening to music itself." -theAppleBites.com

    ✸ Smooth, highly-optimized visuals running at 60 FPS
    ✸ Familiar music player controls, enhanced by touch gestures to easily control the music player
    ✸ 13 vibrant color palettes
    ✸ 3 quality settings for optimal performance on all devices
    ✸ Numerous options to customize your experience
    ✸ Supports device speakers, headphones and accessory devices with remote control

    Once you experience your music with FX Viz Scope, listening to music will never be the same. Get it now, and start seeing what you've been hearing with the stunning visuals of FX Viz Scope!

    (Note: FX Viz Scope will not play DRM-protected songs due to iOS restrictions.)

    iTunes link [$0.99]: itunes.apple.com/us/app/fx-viz-scope/id473487175?ls=1&mt=8

    Product page (with screenshots): iphoenixsoftware.com/fx-viz-scope

    Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/iPhoenixSW

    Phoenix Software
    12-04-2011 08:56 PM

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