1. RodoIC's Avatar
    We have just released our new and (currently) free title: The Magic Portals of Ahsum Nimity.

    In this game, you are the wizard Ahsum Nimity and you must discover which magic portals are intact and which are broken. A new, creative, artistic and scientific puzzle game with a purpose you should check out!

    While you play the game, you are solving puzzles that help create scientific models of (for example) medical diagnosis or bio-informatics problems. So by playing this free game, you mean something to the world!

    We are very curious to hear your feedback so we hope you'll give it a shot!

    You can check out the trailer on our website. We can't post links as we are new here, so Google or Ahsum Nimity if you're interested!
    12-03-2011 07:50 AM