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    Hi guys,:o

    Today I am going to introduce you a free app, Data Usage Monitor, that you may have never heard of before but may as well know it now, because it's gonna bring more convenience in controling your mobile data and safeguarding your mobile account. It covers the features that you can find only in paid apps.

    Name: Data Usage Monitor
    Users: 200000+
    Price: Free
    1. Real-time data monitor: It provides detailed record of where, how and how much you used the data.
    2. Exquisite interfaces: Compass graphics shows the traffic percentage of today in current month.
    3. Timely warning: An alert would prompt when the remaining data is either insufficient or excessive.
    4. Usage analysis: 3G/GPRS is displayed separately from WIFI, vivid average daily data, remaining data, billing date, projected.
    5. Network speed test: Intelligent speed test. A graph is drawn to reflect the network speed.
    6. Website speed test: Major video websites speed test.Find the fastest website.
    12-01-2011 03:48 AM

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