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    Danny Boy!! This Game is Brilliant!! so much fun and for Everyone!!

    UK Premiership Newcastle FC Footballer Danny Simpson, a product of the Manchester United Football Academy is a huge gaming fan and as a result of not only his passion for Football but his passion for Gaming he has created his own App Game called Danny Boy available on I Phone, I Pad and I Touch from December 1st 2011.

    Danny Boy as the title suggests is a platform sports game based on Danny Simpson as a boy. The aim of the game is to guide Danny Boy who is a little football kid through different levels collecting as many gold coins as possible using a football as his weapon. Danny is encountered on all the levels with different obstacles which have to be avoided and can use the ball as a weapon to perform shots to either advance in the levels or eliminate any enemies.

    This fantastic Game titled Danny Boy is priced at 69p for a limited period!! So make sure you get your hands on it as soon as it Launchs!!! 1st December 2011

    Here Are 2 Codes!! EXCLUSIVE to play the Game Today before its release tomow!! have a play and blog your experience of "Danny Boy"

    11-30-2011 04:12 PM