1. gmbourret's Avatar
    Just released to the App Store.
    AutoCorrect Switch and AutoCorrect Switch for iPad

    Finally an app that gives the ability to START/STOP AutoCorrect with ease while composing without having to go back and forth in settings.
    Extremely useful for bilingual typist who need AutoCorrect OFF for typing in one language and ON for typing English.

    •Turn OFF or ON AutoCorrect in one place
    •Compose your message/document in one central place so you can send via email, iMessage, SMS and Twitter or copy and paste into another document.

    Benefits and uses:
    •Convenience of staying in one place and having control over the auto correction feature through the switch.
    •Key once without having to switch applications for the same message improving efficiency.
    •Turn OFF AutoCorrect to prevent miscommunication and avoid embarrassment by knowing that what you send is exactly what you type.
    •Works with all International keyboards along with English that also give annoying autocorrect suggestions.
    •Extremely useful for bilingual people who type messages in both languages using one type of keyboard. For example, type Spanish in English keyboard without getting suggestions for English words
    •Composing a message where autocorrect is OFF for a portion of the message and ON for another portion of the message.
    •Useful for those occasions where AutoCorrect is not necessary, such as a message with lots of abbreviations or names that are uncommon.

    To purchase search for AutoCorrect Switch in the App Store
    Contact us for a promo code if interested in doing a review
    11-26-2011 09:15 AM
  2. andy140886's Avatar
    Finally this app got me over the annoying autocorrect feature of iPhone and iPad. Got this app for both my iPhone and iPad.
    11-26-2011 11:26 AM