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    SongMix for iPhone and iPod Touch

    SongMix is a free cool interactive music trivia game and music discovery tool for iPhone and iPod touch. Jog your memory with songs raging from the greatest classics to the latest hits. SongMix enables you to test your musical knowledge in three engaging gaming modes: Arcade, Song Attack and Time Attack. While playing if you come across a song you like you can also mark it for future reference. So basically whenever you're stuck in traffic or having that meaningful conversation with your significant other you now can just zone out and recycle your playlist.

    The app has a very straightforward and intuitive interface and gets you down to business in no time. While playing you also have the option to mark the songs you like for future reference and since stealing music is a crime the app allows you to buy the songs you like through iTunes. Get SongMix on your iPhone for free and challenge yourself in a fun way. Also it can provide scientific evidence you know more about music than your friends.
    11-24-2011 03:55 AM