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    Yatzy Addict! If you are a TRUE LOVER of Yatzy, this is your game! as Featured on FreeBeeApps.com - Your daily Free IPHONE APPS! !!!

    if you like games like Yahtzee, farkle, zonk, zilch, yatch, poker dice, you will love YATZY ADDICT!

    Yatzy Addict is the famous poker dice game, played all around the world!

    You get 13 rounds, with 3 rolls each round to create POKER HANDS, such as 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, straights, etc.

    There are 13 scoring categories, which can only be scored ONCE per game! this is what makes the game so challenging! How to maximize your points!

    if i missed your custom scoring home town ruleset, email me! ill add it!
    im cool like that!

    goto BINGO for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! for more info on playing this fabulous game!


    * single player solo or against the computer
    * pass n play mode for up to 8 players, human or computer
    * background ipod music support,
    * HD retina and full size IPAD graphic support!
    * awesome sounds, and graphics!
    * just awesome FAST FUN!
    * GLOWING hint dice! shows you what you need to hit! turn it off, if you want
    * Computer speed from SUPER slow to SUPER SONIC FAST!

    Yatzy Addict is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE.

    * Change the number of rolls per turn
    * Change the scoring on all categories
    * change the points needed for a BONUS
    * enable multiple 5 of a Kind Yatzys! or turn them off!
    * small straights.. 4 or 5 dice? YOUR CHOICE! and choose the scoring!
    * or do you like 1-5 vs 2-6? again, YOUR CHOICE!

    * play single player, 13 rounds
    * play against the COMPUTER, head to head
    * pass N play up to 8 players, both human and computer.
    * COMING SOON - World Wide Network Multiplayer - Play against people ALL OVER THE WORLD! So you better start practicing, because competition is ON ITS WAY!

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    EMAIL ME: robertsuh@gmail.com
    i read and reply to ALL emails, usually with in 5 minutes.
    I strive for "KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF" support!
    Ask my Farkle Addict players! i support my players 110%!!!!

    BINGO for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch! for more games, how to play YATZY, and RULES!

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