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    Shelly Data Doodles is pleased to announce both versions of our first iOS game - Puffer's Train Challenge! and Puffer's Train Challenge Lite!, a retro, train puzzle game. Puffer starts off simple but grows more challenging and more addicting as this game and little train roll along...

    Available in English, French, German, and Spanish, Puffer proves that the Whole World loves a Train! This new "indie" game provides both a Zen mode for kids (and those who want unlimited moves per level) and a Star Mode to test your puzzle and gaming skills on each level - building scores and achievements in Apples Game Center.

    Here's a 1 minute video that gives a quick look at the game:

    and an App Store link for each version:

    You can find out more about this game at both our website: Shelly Data Doodles
    and on the Puffer Player Forum.

    Thanks for checking out this new "indie" game from Shelly Data Doodles. I look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy playing Puffer's Train Challenge!

    11-23-2011 05:42 AM

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