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    Hi - Rino Enterprises introduces Santa Sidekick, the perfect multi-functional app for the Christmas season. Our new app contains a naughty/nice meter, wish lists, and North Pole Mail uniquely maintained for each child!

    Santa Sidekick starts with adding names to Santa's list. For each individual child in the list, there are three sections in which the user can track activity/progress.

    A meter visualizing the naughtiness or niceness of a child. Click the +/- button to change the behavior status (Nice!, Not Bad! Not Nice! or Naughty!). You can post it to Santa at anytime to give him an update. Each child's current status is posted next to their name in the list.

    Wish Lists
    Keep track of the children's christmas lists for Santa. Add and delete items so Santa knows their wishes. Items or entire lists can be emailed to other interested family members or friends outside of the app.

    North Pole Mail
    All the kids can send and receive their very own custom emails to Santa. Santa and his Elves reply from the North Pole under very strict advisement from the parents.

    The final component of Santa Sidekick, the Admin Section, ties it all together. Via this section, parents have a few more secret tools to enhance both the usefulness and magic of the app. In the Wish Lists, if an item was purchased, they can check it off and apply the amount they paid for it. A running total spent for each child is tallied. Under North Pole Mail, parents have access to the emails from the kids to Santa, in which they can "monitor" the customized responses from Santa himself.
    11-22-2011 10:14 PM