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    The BabyTryToSpeak team is pleased to present a new application now available on the AppStore : "Baby, Try To Speak 1"

    For this occasion the application will be FREE for few days: from tuesday, november 22 to sunday, november 27 !
    Before returning to the normal rate of 0,99$


    This application is for young kids from 12 months to 5 years
    Interactive and playful, for your children to have fun and discover different Farm animals.

    We brought forward the quality of the graphics, sounds and the ability to change languages (English, French, Spanish)

    The application comes in three levels:
    - An interactive world to discover.
    - A reflection game. Identify the animal by listening to its name or sound.
    - A memory game. Your child must flip the card and find animal pairs. Four levels of difficulty are available.

    The application is intended scalable, updates are already planned with the addition of new animals


    I invite you to visit our website : babytrytospeak.com


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    11-22-2011 09:47 AM