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    Pigs did no evil. Every day millions of pigs are killed by the angry birds.
    One day the only female member in our team had an idea in a twinkle and proposed to develop this game. And of course it is not a game to let pigs conversely revenge on angry birds as we insist that the pigs are innocent.
    As to us, we are a group of young fellows that love animals and also advocate environment protection.
    We believe that you will gradually get to know us better.

    Finally,here comes the upgrades:

    App Store-JailBreak Piggy!
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    This is the last jump.
    The Art of War says Thirty-six gauge, it's politic to leave.
    Wronged Piggy escaped from the chamber of secrets which means HE JUST BREAK THE PRISON.
    Oh, look at him! He looks a little ugly. Maybe you think he is not a good guy, but he believes One good return deserves another. Besides, he does not want to be made into ham or bacon on dinner table. He does not plan to sit still like other pigs waiting for attack from the angry birds.
    And Id also like to say that Piggy did not steal eggs.
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    This game is about how Piggy fights his way out to his destination.
    How to play
    Jail Break Piggy is one score accumulation game.
    A. Touch the dog and slide to control the dog's move to guarantee the safe pass of the pig.
    B. Collecting the eggs gets scores.
    C. Clashed by the dogs loses the scores
    D. Touch the dog and slide loses scores.the score loss depends on the slide distance.
    the longer the distance, the more the score loss
    E. When the score is 0, slide action is unavailable, and if clashed by dog,
    game is over Players can select different scenes in the game.

    Use items to get as many scores as you can.
    11-22-2011 09:43 PM
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    Meet the upstairs of 2#

    And now the escape starts. Piggy's destination is the city of angels. By the way you can call him son of freedom.
    It is a long journey and Piggy has to fight his way out over the ambushed dogs. He must brave enough to hold until the end.
    Unlike many other shooting games, we do not have killings here. In the journey if Piggy can get the protection of God's hand, he will pick up the lost eggs from the birds. Good will be rewarded with good. Piggys good deed helps him acquire more energy and he runs to the city of angels faster and faster
    Sweep your finger over the screen to help Piggy escape from an ambushed dogs attack.

    11-24-2011 02:47 AM
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    Eagles & Angels.
    Is this a chapter of Prison Break?
    Look at our Piggy!
    He is flying over the barriers with the bamboo-copter sent from the city of angels on his head.
    This is fantastic! Piggy is brave like an eagle and the dogs below can do nothing to him.
    Oh, look, what's this? A magic whistle? When it toots, many enemies are frozen.
    Piggy is running through all the way picking up eggs and singing, but things are not always going well. Watch out, Piggy, you almost get bit by an ambush dog. Oh, God, where are you?
    Piggys yelling to the sky.
    11-25-2011 01:40 AM
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    Anyone who played the game or just read this thread,
    and If you are interested in this fashionable game,
    Please send me a email about your contact information.
    Later on you will receive a mysterious gift from China!

    Looking forward to your comment! /
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