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    Hi all, I made this app to help those who loves taking naps on public transports as well as those backpackers out there who uses public transport. Ride Safe Alarm would wake you up when you are nearly at your destination!!

    It is available from: App Store - Ride Safe Alarm

    "Ride Safe Alarm" serves to notify the user through ringtone and vibration when the user enters a certain radius within their preset destination. This app could be used to help those people who enjoy taking naps on public transport and have trouble of getting off their stop after a tired day of work/uni. It is also ideal for backpackers and those people that are new in town who doesn't know much about the public transport system as it would remind them where to get off.

    Ride Safe Alarm is able to be distinguished from all the other similar apps available as either don't work in standby mode or are limited to train or specific bus routes. Ride Safe Alarm works worldwide, anywhere you can locate on the google map, it will notify you when you get there.

    The app will be free until the end of November and it will be selling at $0.99 after that.

    Setup tutorial:
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