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    Easymode Games launches debut mobile game, FrogWild

    Oakland, California-based Easymode Games just launched its debut mobile game, FrogWild, an artfully rendered casual game thats fun for the whole family.

    The frog has an incredible appetite and temptations abound. Dragonflies are everywhere and its the players job to help the frog catch them with his turbo tongue.

    The idea is simple: players use their touchscreen to throw the frogs tongue to catch dragonflies flying by. While the goal is simple, the challenge is anything but. As the frog visits nine visually stunning natural environments, the new dragonfly species inhabiting the environments become increasingly difficult to catch.

    FrogWild will put your ability to focus to the test. The length of the flick of the frogs tongue is determined by how far players pull their fingers back. In addition, you'll have to think fast to choose which dragonflies to catch first, as some are more valuable than others.

    Players will be forced to balance their speed and accuracy. The longer a fly stays on the screen, the less it's worth, but large bonuses can be achieved if you aim carefully. If you beat the minimum score to get one star, you can move onto the next level, but striving to get more stars and a higher score on each level can provide many hours of play.

    FrogWild and FrogWild Lite are available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

    For additional information and game assets, please visit easymodegames.com.

    About Easymode Games
    Easymode Games is Mark Middleton and Josh Zabel. Its an independent game design studio that makes games for iOS using Corona. More information about the Oakland, California-based company is available at easymodegames.com.

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    11-16-2011 03:09 PM