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    Comment on Real Life in Real Life!

    ComedyDevice is a tool for real life face-to-face or small group communication and it brings the feel of TV comedy to your conversations. Stress any spoken phrases with Canned Laughter and other sitcom-style effects by pushing the vivid Big Round Buttons. During the effect playing you can see TV-studio display board that urging your audience to show corresponding emotion.

    Thus the most ordinary conversation turns to the funniest sitcom dialogue and typically ends up in laughter fits. Besides, now you can express emotions not by straining your vocal cords and clapping your precious hands but by using little high-technology device. ComedyDevice.
    Sometimes there's enough just "Yes" and "No" buttons to maintain rich and sophisticated conversation for hours.
    Hope it'll be useful for you as it is for me. Take a look at official site realga.me or visit ComedyDevice App Store page.
    11-15-2011 04:08 PM

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