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    Words on Pics is an app that allows you to add captions, thought bubbles, and speech balloons to your pictures.

    -Add captions to your pictures (add to the top or bottom of your photo)
    -Add thought bubbles. (Move them around freely and place them where you want)
    -Add speech balloons. (Move them around freely and place them where you want)
    -Share your new photos through email, Facebook, or Twitter

    What’s cool about the app?
    -Change the font of your text. (Regular, Light, Bold, and more)
    -Change font color. (Over 15 different colors to change your text to)
    -Pick from various speech and thought bubble types and colors.
    -Adjust the font size of the caption to your liking.
    -Adjust the size of your speech or thought bubbles to be as small or large as you want.


    Either choose a picture from your photo library or take a picture with your camera and add captions, thought bubbles, and/or speech bubbles to the photo.

    Easy to add text into the bubble!! Just double click on the thought or speech bubble and text is entered.


    Use Words on Pics and HAVE FUN with your photos!!
    11-15-2011 02:23 PM