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    PAMO (Picture And Money Organizer) - Checkbook app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

    PAMO is a unique checkbook app that is not only the perfect replacement for your paper checkbook, but it is also the perfect place to keep up with identifying what you bought with each transaction (i.e. the product, receipt) by allowing you to take a photo per transaction.

    - Have you ever went shopping, took that transaction amount out of your checkbook, and then threw away the receipt? We all have. Now, you can take a picture of your receipt when you enter your transaction amount and refer back to it later when needed. Not only can you refer back to the receipt to view it, but you also have the option to print off the receipt (or any photo.)

    A few features include:
    - we allow you to separate your personal and business accounts (if you are interested in using both). There is no longer a need to have two separate apps for your business and personal accounts because PAMO allows you to be able to separate the two within one app.

    - Order your transactions by Date, Clearance, or Amount

    - For each transaction, be able to assign the transaction to a category. By visiting the 'Category' page, you will be able to see the amount and percentage of money you have spent in each category. (You are free to add any category that is not already part of the app by default)

    - Print off transactions. This includes printing off the picture that has been taken/assigned to each transaction.

    Want to try out PAMO? Download the free version today!!
    11-15-2011 01:19 PM