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    I'm glad to announce Jisgaw 0.5K, a classic jigsaw (yes, this time well-written) puzzle game free to play which creates puzzles with (a bit more than) 500 pieces. It is the little brother of Jisgaw +2k (puzzle with more than 2000 pieces) and Jisgaw +10k (yes, impossible puzzles with more than 10000 pieces ) and it has the same features, but less pieces .

    Probably, one of the most important feature is the ability to use multiple boards/boxes/trays to separate pieces and work with them. How many? As many as needed, and between 1 and 16 can be shown at the same time.

    Rotate pieces, move them, zoom in/out, join pieces, move/rotate joined pieces together, all this is allowed.

    It is best suited for ipad, but also available for iphone/ipod. So if you want to try, please, just do it.
    Any suggestions/questions will be welcome.

    Sorry to no put a link, but now allowed int his forum yet :o
    11-15-2011 09:44 AM
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    There is a new version of Jisgaw +05k, the little brother from the unique jigsaw puzzles family in the App Store that can support up to 10000 pieces (up to 500 in this free version). It comes with these new features:

    • More puzzles
    • Custom images (as purchase)
    • Upload progress on Facebook & Twitter
    • Different levels (can select a lower number of pieces)
    • One-touch rotation

    Don't hesitate to test it. It's just free

    And if you wanted a biggest challenge, don't forget +2k & +10k big brothers, which include all +05K sets.
    05-13-2012 04:48 AM