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    The IV Therapy Helper (IVIC-M) is a new app in the iPhone market. This is a paid app, which serves for medical purposes. It helps us to set and check the content of flow rate easily and exactly. And hence it skip the complicated calculations and directly input all the types of orders such as the flow rate (mL/hr), the drip rate (drops/min), or the total volume (mL) and duration (hr, min).

    Features of IVIC-M :

    1. Set the Flow Rate
    ㅇ To set the flow rate easily and exactly
    ㅇ Input the value of the flow rate (mL/hr), the drip rate(drops/min) or the total volume (mL) and duration, (hr, min)
    ㅇ The dripping time interval(sec) is displayed on the screen and you can hear the sound at equal intervals
    ㅇ Like a metronome, the actual flow rates can be set at the same time intervals
    2. Check the Flow Rate
    ㅇTo check the current flow rate and drip rate
    ㅇ Patients can be safely and conveniently treated due to monitoring the rate during IV therapy
    ㅇ Touch down on the assigned screen over 5 times continuously whenever a drop falls in the drip chamber, and the current flow rate (mL/hr), and drip rate (drops/min) are displayed on the screen
    3. R-Time and R-Time downcount.
    ㅇ Interlinked with set mode and check mode in the same process
    ㅇ To know the remaining treatment time and real time information of it.
    ㅇ The alert sound produces 10 minutes before the finishing time. You can see the list of R-Time with information such as patients name and ID, the remaining time and etc.
    4 Handy Device
    IVIC-M, need not attach to the infusion set, is simple, multi-tasking, and convenient.

    Download : IV Therapy Helper

    Hope you all enjoy the benefits of the IVIC-M app
    11-13-2011 11:49 PM