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    Here is a piggy has broken the jail and began his runaway. Why this happend?
    Piggy is wronged for stealing eggs from angry birds. The truth is he has never stolen the eggs. Piggy is locked up in jail and the destiny waiting for him is to be made into bacon and sausages to serve the dinner table.
    Jail break Piggy is a score accumulation game. On piggy's way to the final destination, there are vicious, wild dogs waiting on his way.

    And now the escape starts. Piggy's destination is the city of angels. By the way you can call him son of freedom.
    It is a long journey and Piggy has to fight his way out over the ambushed dogs. He must brave enough to hold until the end.
    Unlike many other shooting games, we do not have killings here. In the journey if Piggy can get the protection of God's hand, he will pick up the lost eggs from the birds. Good will be rewarded with good. Piggys good deed helps him acquire more energy and he runs to the city of angels faster and faster
    Sweep your finger over the screen to help Piggy escape from an ambushed dogs attack.

    Find it on itunes.
    11-13-2011 01:51 AM

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