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    iTap & Prank

    iTap & Prank is the first application of its kind that allows you to generate a prank sound on demand. With a simple double-tap of your iPhone you can spontaneously play your prank on unsuspecting friends and family. Once the app is activated the accelerometer continuously records your movements and will play your prank when it detects a double-tap. Even when your iPhone is in your pocket or bag, a brisk double-tap of the iPhone is all that's required.

    Play the perfectly timed prank! For the first time on the iPhone you can discreetly generate a prank sound spontaneously! Select your prank, put your iPhone in your pocket or bag, wait for the right moment, double-tap your iPhone and watch your prank unfold.


    A double-tap initiates a prank sound on demand.
    Unique double-tap accelerometer technology.
    Adjust sensitivity of accelerometer to your needs.
    iOS 5 compatible.
    Advert free.
    Create your own prank with a built-in voice recorder.
    Playlist feature that allows you to play a succession of different pranks.
    50 prank sound effects
    Sound categories include: Animal, Human, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Horror, House, Weapons & Explosions, Office, Transport and Other Sounds

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    11-12-2011 03:05 PM
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    AS FEATURED ON TiPb Daily Apps 11/10/2011 !!
    11-12-2011 07:59 PM