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    Hi there,

    I like to introduce to you my latest App called Concierge. This App is very interesting for users which like live concerts and listen to music on their iOS Device.

    AppName: Concierge
    Price: Free

    Concierge is an App, which checks the tour dates of bands you are listening to on your iPhone! You dont have to perform a manual search. The App will scan all Bands which are available on your device. In the best case, you are able to order concert tickets directly from within the app. Also you can take a look on the map, where the concert will be, or recommend the concert via Facebook, twitter and other services. But of course you are also be able to perform a manual search for an artist, which is currently not on your device.
    You can also import interesting concert events to your iOS calendar.

    Concierge does not recommend new music/bands to the user. It just wants to show you, If some of to bands you are actually listening to, are on tour!

    Actually I am working on additional cool extensions and improvements

    Best regards,

    11-11-2011 12:42 PM