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    Hi all! I purchased an iPhone 4 on Sunday coming from Android. On that platform I used Battery Indicator Pro as it allowed me to set alarms for when my battery was fully charged or when it got down to a certain level etc. I do this because of lithium ion battery info I read at batteryuniversity.

    For anyone familiar with the Android platform and that app, is there a comparable app in the App Store?

    I do have Battery Magic Elite installed currently


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    The iPhone gives you warnings when battery level sinks to 20% and 10%, respectively. There are quite some Battery apps out there - most of them are a kind of scam, as Apple is very restrictive with giving access to battery information to developers - it's not even possible to read out the accurate current battery level, you only get it in 5% steps. Any app showing you anything different is making it up ...

    Next to that, apps on the iPhone cannot run actively in the background when they are not special purpose apps (for playing music, VOIP and such), so there is no way a battery app can run in the background and just pop up telling you your battery is almost empty.

    Welcome to the world of iPhone Apps - some things are just not possible when it's not jailbroken
    11-29-2011 04:28 AM
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    No, I was looking for and app with alarms to tell me when I was fully charged so that I would know when to remove it from the charger. I have Battery Magic and it seems to work ok.

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