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    Introducing the debut app from new development studio Function Yard. MarbleArt is a game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad now available in the App Store. MarbleArt is a creative game for kids at heart of all ages. It combines the simple joy of an easy to use painting app with a realistic physics based simulation of marbles in a box.

    iTunes link: itunes.com/apps/marbleart

    App Description
    Get your marbles and get creative! Colorful art has never been so much fun. With the touch of your finger, you can have all the paint-filled marbles you want, and then watch as you tilt your pallet into an amazing masterpiece. The realistic sound of colliding marbles will send you back to the playground. Select as many marbles as you want, you choose the colors. Or, guide your marbles with your finger to create your custom design.

    Feature Highlights
    Create as many marbles as you want. The only limit is how many fit on your screen.
    Select marble color and the amount of paint, or allow MarbleArt to give you a random selection.
    Change the background canvas without disturbing marbles or paint.
    Realistic physics simulation uses device accelerometer.
    Save your artwork to the Photo App Saved Photos Album to view later.
    Choose to save just the created painting, or the painting and marbles.
    Universal app runs on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
    11-09-2011 11:03 AM