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    ● Introduction ●
    iScreenBuilder is the first editable icon app for your iphone. It make by a professional designer with high quality icon and user friendly UI.
    Personalize your iPhone with your unique design and show to your friends how cool your iPhone can be!

    ● Features ●
    - First editable icon app on iphone
    - Retina Display High Resolution 640x960 for iPhone 4/4S
    - Normal Display Resolution 320x480 for iPhone and iPod touch
    - over 8 x 12 possible icon included with infinite possibilities by using your pics
    - ultimate high resolution icon
    - simple ui for you to use
    - can see preview an image applied in home screen.
    - build on iOS5 user interface

    ● Main Theme ●
    - Colorful border
    - Colorful glossy border
    - Jean Texture
    - Wooden Texture
    - Stone Texture
    - Metal Texture
    - Canvas Texture
    - Transparent Background

    ● Usage ●
    1.tag the background button to choose a background from your camera roll
    2.tag the icon button to drop down the theme window
    3.slice left and right to change the theme
    4.select the icon you choose and tag on the background icon
    5.tag the preview button to preview it
    6.keep press the background icon for 1 second to enter eraser mode
    7.simple click the icon to eraser it
    8.tag the save button to save it at your camera roll.

    ● How to setup Home Screen ●
    When you save an image, it'll be saved in Camera Roll of your photo album.
    Settings > Wallpaper > Camera Roll > Image Choose > Set > Set Home Screen.
    (Setting the background screen can be used in more than iOS4.0)

    ● Support ●
    Techinal Support : support@weplayz.com

    App Store Link : App Store - iScreen HD
    11-08-2011 09:07 PM