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    Get creative with PlaneCreator. Design, Fold and Paint your own paper planes in 3D! Every plane you design is completely unique!

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    PlaneCreator for iPad by Red Wire Green Wire

    Build - Build your plane with easy-to-use 3D folding tools. PlaneCreator's folding tools allow you to create a variety of planes - limited only by your imagination. Simply tap a corner or edge on the paper and then bend the paper into shape using the 3D tools.
    Paint - Get creative with the built-in paint editor. Choose from the selection of brushes and stamps and personalize your creation. Express yourself with stars, lighting, spirals, skulls and more.
    Display - View your creations in the in-flight gallery. Watch your designs come alive as they are animated in the gallery. Each plane is animated, folding itself into your design from scratch. Then watch it soar among the clouds.
    Share - Upload your creations and share them with friends. PlaneCreator allows planes to be easily shared with friends. Each plane has a unique 5 digit plane code which can be shared with others. Download other planes and make their designs your own by repainting them. Find even more plane codes on our twitter feed @RedGreenWire and our Facebook page PlaneCreator | Facebook
    11-03-2011 03:07 PM
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    lol. Its funny app!
    11-03-2011 10:58 PM