1. KristinWard's Avatar
    MWD has just released a new app called Talk Penny Stocks Light. A rather interesting stock market app with a lot of features despite the fact that it is a reduced version of their Talk Penny Stock app.

    One of the rather interesting features of both apps is the 24-7 chat room. There are also a set of tools such as a gain/ loss calculator to help users track and calculate their investments and earnings. The new version is only $0. 99 at the itunes app store under finance.

    And unlike some of the finance apps I've seen its not likely to make you wish you where color blind.
    11-03-2011 03:48 PM
  2. Better apps's Avatar
    The app is too simple, picks are mostly losers. Don't waste your money, or your time, there are better apps out there.
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    12-19-2011 02:33 AM