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    Digital Harmony Games today confirmed the first set of minions available for Dragons vs. Unicorns. Players will battle for ultimate dominance in this action-packed multiplayer game for all iOS, Android Smartphones & Tablets, and PC & Mac browsers. Dragons vs. Unicorns is expected to launch in early 2012.

    While the war rages on between the elitist Dragons and the carefree Unicorns, other creatures are being dragged into the fray - whether they like it or not! Minions are the only elements that can directly damage an opponent's tower without the use of abilities. These player controlled minions, travel across the terrain from one opponent's tower to the other opponent's tower wreaking havoc along the way! Players choose the minions that they wish to set in the 4 minion slots before the game begins, so choosing the right creature to inflict damage upon your enemy is key.

    The first announced minion for the Unicorn side of battle is a melee-type. Yep, you guessed it...a Kitten! These ferociously cute felines can be upgraded to the infamous "Tyson" who, armed with signature boxing gloves, gives a firm punch in the face to those stuffy Dragons, knocking their scales silly!

    Stepping up to serve the Dragon is the notoriously fierce creature...the Turtle! Turtles form the Melee lines for Dragons and are ready to brawl. A full-blown level 3 Cheddar is a truly pimpin' sight, and though he sports the highest summoning cost and longest summoning cooldown of his brethren, he deals the most damage, rewards the most gold, and can go toe to toe with the best kitten out there...BRING IT!
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