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    So this is why customer services reps should stay in the US. I contacted EA for a simple question about Tiger Woods 12 for iPhone/iPad and they gave me a response that had nothing to do with my device or game! WTF!? Pretty sad....

    I am referring to the iPad/iPhone version of this game. I bought this game on bo...

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    Response Via Email (Kapil) 11/02/2011 05:58 PM

    Thank you for contacting EA Customer Experience with your issue. We apologize for the delay in getting back with you. We have some suggestions that may be able to solve your issue and get you back into the game:

    Xbox 360 and PS3 Connectivity Issues: If you are having troubles connecting, or losing connection to our EA servers, please read this article https://help.ea.com/article/losing-c...-to-ea-servers. It contains tips for improving your connection for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

    Xbox Connectivity Issues: If you need help with your Xbox connection, you'll find a step-by-step troubleshooting guide here https://help.ea.com/article/issues-c...-with-xbox-360

    Gameplay questions: Tips and hints about gameplay can be found in the manual that came packaged with your game, but you can also browse or post questions to our forums for additional help: http://forum.eacom/eaforum/categories/list.page

    If you provided us with feedback about our products, rest assured that we appreciate it! We're always glad to receive feedback from gamers!

    If you have additional issues, remember you can contact a game advisor anytime by visiting the Help Center at help.ea.com.


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    Customer By Web Form 10/22/2011 09:15 AM
    I am referring to the iPad/iPhone version of this game.

    I bought this game on both the iPad and iPhone. One thing I am having trouble with is sharing stats between the two.

    For example, i started playing the game on the iPad only, weeks later i went to go play it on my iPhone and i have to start all over. Is there not a way I can use the same stats from the iPad on the iphone? I do not want to start all over...

    Thank you!
    11-03-2011 08:56 AM
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    It's possible that because you used the word "Stats" customer service thought you were talking about leaderboard issues.

    Are you using a create a player?

    I haven't played the game on the iPhone/iPad, but if you CAN move between the two it will be by moving the golfer as a whole and it'll be a created golfer I think.

    If you don't get an answer, I can call a friend who tested the game and see what he says.
    11-15-2011 04:38 PM
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    hahah funny stuff.
    11-18-2011 02:58 AM