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    Based on the suggestions and feedbacks, we present to you Candy Jump and Game of Death with improved performance and better gameplay.

    Candy Jump and Game of Death is a blend of action, adventure and loads of fun.

    In both of the above mentioned games, you have to become a savior and save lives of the candies as well as the prisoners.

    Candy Jump Plus is an utterly addictive game, where you have to bounce all the good candies to their destination. With the help of the paddle, direct only the good candies collect hearts and ignore the evil candies. But missing to save even one good candy will cost a life. Check out the exciting features while playing Candy Jump Plus.

    Game of Death Plus is a combination of action and strategy. Your job is to rescue all the hanged prisoners. Aim wisely and shoot the rope with your arrow and save them before they end up losing their life. The time is limited so must act quick and save all the captives from death.

    Try out the games and let us know your opinions. Thank you.

    Game Links:

    Candy Jump iPhone: Candy Jump iPhone - Dumadu Games

    Game of Death iPhone: Game of Death iPhone - Dumadu Games

    11-03-2011 12:03 AM