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    Hey Guys,

    If you have been bored of playing the same old games in your iPhone / iPad or iPod or if you want to try something new that tests your IQ in a fun way? I would like to introduce you to Situation SHUFFLE, a reasoning game app.

    “Situation SHUFFLE “ is a puzzle game where you are given a situation with six slides and you have to arrange them in their order of happening.

    Beware as most puzzles look simple to crack but you really need to put your critical thinking skills in to them

    The app comes with 30 IQ quizzes, 30 extra quizzes and 6 SHUFFLE quizzes. Each quiz gives users 4 hints and scores are determined by their usage.

    The app is suitable for people of all age groups and general feedback is that its quite addictive.

    The app is available in the iTunes store for USD $0.99 and the
    iTunes link to download it is: App Store - Situation SHUFFLE

    Download & have a play with it and share your comments below.
    11-02-2011 07:27 AM

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