1. Nina Singh's Avatar
    Hello Gamers,

    Space Encounter and Mouse in House are here to entertain you!!!

    Space Encounter is an exciting space voyage with endless enemy attack. This is a turn based strategy game and you have to destroy the enemy spaceships, asteroids and even chunks of destroyed ships. Play this game and experience the intricacy at every move.

    Coming to Mouse in House, this is a strategy *** puzzle game. Your goal is to direct the mouse into their holes at the same time. The mouse moves simultaneously at one move. Watch out for hurdles on the way. This game is a little trickier so prove your wit by completing all the levels.

    The games promise to offer challenge and fun at the same time for all age group. Good Luck!!!

    Game Links:

    Mouse in House iPhone: Mouse In House iPhone - Dumadu Games

    Mouse in House iPad: Mouse In House iPad - Dumadu Games

    Space Encounter iPhone: Space Encounter iPhone - Dumadu Games

    Space Encounter iPad: Space Encounter iPad - Dumadu Games

    11-02-2011 04:36 AM