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    Line Drawing games are always fun to play.

    We present to you two such games “Make Way” and “Icy Bouncy”, which will change the perception of line drawing games. With better gameplay, these games will let you enjoy the game to the fullest.

    Make Way Gameplay:

    Your task is to guide the marbles into the container placed below. Make sure to direct the marbles that adds up to the total indicated next to the container. Use the ink wisely to draw the line as it is limited in every level.

    Icy Bouncy Gameplay:

    Snowman has lost his way to home. Tilt, swipe and Jump to make snowman reach his destination and make his journey as exciting as possible. Lesser he time taken will allow you to score more.

    What’s more? Download the games for FREE and try for yourself.

    Game Links:

    Make Way iPhone: Make Way iPhone - Dumadu Games

    Make Way iPad: Make Way iPad - Dumadu Games

    Icy Bouncy iPhone: Icy Bouncy iPhone - Dumadu Games

    Icy Bouncy iPad: Icy Bouncy iPad - Dumadu Games


    11-02-2011 03:10 AM