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    Anomalous Interactive releases the back-to-school update for Slingshot Justice with FGOTD! Deal slingshot branded justice once again across three all new levels and take the school back from the menacing bullies. Re-equip for the new schoolyard levels with an arsenal of new weapons including the outrageous glue bomb, which can be used to trap and humiliate your enemies while you slingshot your way to victory.

    Download today with FGOTD and get all levels and weapons unlocked for absolutely nothing!

    Slingshot Justice tells a heart-wrenching tale of warfare ... in the schoolyard. As a fifth grade vigilante, you have taken up action to protect the lemonade stands of the youth from the terrors of the local bullies. War never changes, and with your trusty slingshot in hand, you'll defend innocence from brutality, or get a wedgie trying.

    5/5 star review from FinMySoft
    4/5 star review from iViewApps
    3/5 star review from 148Apps
    3/5 star review from PocketFullOfApps

    From your Tree House of Solitude wreak havoc upon the bully menace with your arsenal of homemade weapons:
    • The Trusty Slingshot
    • The Blitzing Ice cream Scoop Rifle
    • The Powerful Grenade Launcher.

    Pack grapes, muffins, soda bombs, the all new crazy GLUE BOMB and many other objects into your weapons to unleash mayhem upon the bullies and defend innocence from brutality.


    • Awesome 3D cartoon graphics with Retina support.
    • An arsenal of homemade weapons and ammunition types
    • Simple, one touch game play
    • Kick *** Combo systems
    • Openfeint Leaderboards and Achievements
    • Easy to learn, hard to master
    • Hours of bully punishing fun

    This game is no lemon. 5 star App Store Review

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    11-01-2011 10:40 PM