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    For centuries birds have lived happily in the most beautiful peaceful place known as BirdVille.
    Now everything has changed. Earthlings were so jealous of BirdVille that they decided to attack this lovely place. Now all of BirdVille has been destroyed by humans and the poor birds have no where to live.

    You have been assigned to lead the Dirty Bird Squadron to victory. Help them in their mission to attack all humans and their machines so that BirdVille may be restored once again. The earthlings have done too much damage and now they will face the consequences.

    This is what Chief Baldy, head of the Dirty Bird Squadron had to say:
    These pesky humans have destroyed our homes, trees and even our own species.
    This will be stopped once and for all. I have assigned 3 of our best fighters and only you can lead them to victory. We will invade every city until no humans remain. We will bombard every city with poo. We will poo so hard we will make a poo heaven. This is pay back time. Show no mercy!
    - Chief Baldy (Leader of Dirty Birds Squadron)

    - Super smooth full screen scrolling. Runs at 60 fps even on older devices.
    - Professionally hand drawn graphics and animation.
    - Really cute animated birds, each with their own characteristics and special abilities.
    - Play as Teety, an adorable Blue Tit bird.
    - Play as Robby, the fast agile Robin.
    - Play as Cocky, the meanest cockatiel ever to soar through the skies.
    - Realistic environmental sound effects. Sounds will change depending on where you are flying. Fly high and listen to the birds, fly low and you will hear the sounds of the busy and dangerous city.
    - Take to the skies and play in 3 lovely bonus challenges.
    - Play HULA BIRDS and fly through every hula for points.
    - Play ANGRY SNOWBALLS and avoid snowballs for points.
    - Play BUCKET POO, a really exciting Bonus level that will test your speed and reflexes.
    - Earn bonus level points to unlock new birds, and accessories.
    - Re-playability feature. Attempt every level until you get the Gold Star.
    - Advance through the levels by destroying all humans and machines.
    - Perfect learning curve. Starts really easy and every level will prove to be more challenging.
    - 50 levels of non-stop action and fun.
    - Online Scores. Compete with everyone around the world.
    - No annoying Loading Ads - Birds don't really like them

    - Control is really simple. Just tap anywhere on the screen to flap your cute wings and fly.
    - Release to dive down and gain speed and momentum.
    - Tap on the poo area to drop your poo like if it were a bomb.
    - Tap on the special area to use your special ability once activated.

    Plans for Dirty Birds v1.1:
    - Retina Support.
    - iPad Support.
    - More levels.
    - More birds with special abilities.
    - More accessories and many more shopping goodies, endless hours of fun.

    Have any great ideas for Dirty Birds?
    I would love to hear from you. All ideas are very welcome and I will try and implement them in future updates.
    Which is your favourite bird you would like to see? I would love to hear about that too.

    Thanks for all your support and feedback.

    App Store Game Link:
    App Store - Dirty-Birds

    App Store Demo Link:
    App Store - Dirty-BirdsFree

    Dirty Birds Website:
    Dirty Birds - iOS Game

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