1. Daniel Ogren's Avatar
    Does anyone know of an application that would allow me to set Sound and Notification Profiles. Many Many years ago I could do it natively on my blackberry and recently I could do it on an Android Phone with an application however, I have not seen an application that will allow me to do it. It is really useful for times when you want to receive a specific type of notification or phone call but don't want your phone going off all the time.

    For example at night I need to be able to receive phone calls but I don't need to be alerted every time I receive an email or text.

    10-29-2011 07:11 PM
  2. Alli's Avatar
    There are none unless you're willing/able to jailbreak.
    10-29-2011 08:33 PM
  3. Jdhiker's Avatar
    Can you elaborate on that. What is available once you jailbreak?
    07-03-2012 10:49 AM