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    With Remote Desktop, feel and have no distance to your computer

    Is there a moment when you want to obtain a specific file in your computer, but all youve got at hand is your iPhone or iPad? Or youre so into a video clip on your PC that you want to watch it once again? Are your eager to share your fabulous photos with your friends after a fantastic holiday but forgot to copy them into your mobile devices? Please let Remote Desktop help you!

    We design Remote Desktop to offer you great experience for accessing to your computer from your iPhone and iPad. No matter where you are, with Internet service you can connect to your desktop and have all the contents at your hand. Its like a bridge between you and your computer, therell be no distance when you want any file from your computer. Visit, edit your working documents, and share your creative photos and favorite music. With the reliable and stable service provided by Remote Desktop, you dont need to carry your computer with you all the time, just follow the installation steps and youll have all your files in no distance.

    Remote Desktop is a powerful App, dont miss it BECAUSE:

    • Support various systems, such as Windows 7, Windows XP and iOs
    • Easy to install and set up.
    • Present your PPT with all the effect on your mobile devices
    • Watch videos online and in your computer
    • Keep in touch with your outlook contacts no matter where you are
    • Convenient to operate, meet your working demands as editing documents and your entertainment needs, such as playing flash games, listening to the music and watching video files.
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    Remote Desktop is available in App Store for 6.99$
    10-29-2011 05:31 AM