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    Dirty Birds - It's a world of birds vs humans. Help restore peace to the most beautiful bird place.

    For centuries birds have lived happily in the most beautiful peaceful place known as BirdVille.
    Now everything has changed. Humans were so jealous of BirdVille that they decided to attack this lovely place and claim as their own. Now all of BirdVille has been destroyed by humans and the poor birds have no where to live.

    You have been assigned to lead the Dirty Bird Squadron to victory. Help them in their mission to attack all humans and their machines so that BirdVille may be restored once again. Humans have done too much damage and now they will face the consequences.

    Take part in the most exciting and unique game ever to be played on the iPhone. Take command of the most successfull and respected Dirty Bird fighters.

    - Join Teety the loveable bluetit, capable of outwitting the mightiest of humans.
    - Join Robby the cute robin, an agile fast flyer, so fast that you might often forget it's a bird.
    - And Cocky the mean cockatiel, the meanest cockatiel in the whole of the rainforest.

    You might be asking yourself, how are birds going to destroy humans? Well very simple, humans hate bird poo and our mission is to poo on every human and obstacle on our way. You will need to eat nuts and poo on cars, tanks, police and much much more. Each and every bird has been properly trained by - Chief Baldy, Leader of the Dirty Bird Squadron, the meanest Bald Eagle to ever take to the skies.
    Every bird has its own characteristics and comes with special abilities to help you get past the levels.

    Dirty Birds also comes with 3 Bonus Levels where you can achieve 'Bonus Points' which you can later spend in the shop to buy really cool stuff for your birds. You can even unlock new birds with wicked special abilities.

    Bonus levels have been designed to bring you both challenge and fun.
    1.) 'Hula Birds' - You will need to fly through every hoop to achieve points.
    2.) 'Angry Snowballs' - Avoid the rotating snow and fly swiftly until you reach the end.
    3.) 'Bucket Poo' - This one will test your skills, nerves and reflex, try dropping your poo inside the buckets without touching the edges.

    The game is really easy to control and suitable for any age. Just tap anywhere on the screen to flap your wings and watch your birdie fly. When you loose speed just release and bird will dive to gain speed and momentum, just like a real bird.

    The graphics and animation look really professional and have all been hand-drawn. The levels have been designed carefully, so every level presents you with a little challenge but not one that will put you off from playing because it is too hard.

    Dirty Birds re-playability feature is excellent, even if you complete all 50 levels you will come back for more because game is just extremely enjoyable and really funny, and you will want to achieve Gold Stars for every level.

    Dirty Birds offers uniqueness to casual iPhone games and it is guaranteed to have something for everyone.
    10-28-2011 09:11 AM