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    Memo type games have been an irreplaceable entertainment for an eye and mind for centuries...
    This is learning through entertainment not only for the youngest, but also for their parents.

    123 Kids Fun Memo HD Lite - iTunes Link

    iPhone & iPad App
    FREE, inApp

    It is already known that exercising brain allows maintaining it in good condition for many years. Games for children in memo category develop the ability of logical thinking, exercise perceptiveness and perfectly exercise memory and the ability to concentrate.

    There are 6 games for your choice:

    * Playing piano (inApp),
    * Arranging dishes on plates,
    * Croaking frogs (inApp),
    * Finding a missing animal (inApp),
    * Finding two same cards (inApp),
    * Robots.

    This App has Personal Scoreboard and Game Center is available!

    Great fun for everyone!
    10-28-2011 03:00 AM