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    Some of us may be interested in squeezing the shock absorbed foam once when we were kids. Facing the task again on iphone now, can you successfully overcome the negative factors and finish the task well?
    Bubble Bang! is a challenging memory test game with fantastic graphics and wonderful music. The objective of the game is to remember the track to lacerate the correct bubbles just showed and repeat the point action as soon as possible. In the earliest levels, the action is just doing in a simple way. As the player advances through the game, additional interesting game modes will be activated automatically and randomly appear in the game's main mode. In addition, shorter window time and complex tracks may make the players flurried and rattled. To succeed in the game, the players need to eliminate distractions, and quickly enhance instant memory.

    What you actually experienced in Bubble Bang!
    -Getting your memory well trained
    -Amazing graphics and music
    -A variety of game modes, including Versus Mode to play with your girl friend
    -Smooth and comfortable feeling, and more

    Welcome to APP STROE to download this game!
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