1. sd3sign's Avatar
    Hi, I'm fairly new here but one thing I notice is there is not much chat about Music Production apps. Is anyone making music on your iPhone/iPad?

    Not sure if this would interest anyone here but I thought I'd post anyway just in case.

    Have you guys seen the iDesignSound website? It lists all the best Audio / MIDI and Music Production apps and organises them into synths, drum machines, sequencer, MIDI controllers etc. so you don't have to trawl through the app store trying to find the best ones.

    Here's the link:
    iDesignSound | Discover the Very Best Audio and Music Production Apps for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

    It's quite a new site but it really is a gem and is updated daily!

    10-27-2011 02:44 PM
  2. auntiewiv's Avatar
    I use Nanostudio, Reactable and iKaossilator. I've had a look thru that site and I didn't realise there are so many music apps for iOS.

    Thanks for the link, bookmarked!

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    10-27-2011 02:58 PM
  3. sd3sign's Avatar
    iKaossilator looks great although I haven't bought it yet.

    Yes, the trouble is with the website it does kinda give you gear lust LOL
    10-27-2011 04:07 PM
  4. Massie's Avatar
    If anyone else here plays jazz, I HIGHLY recommend iRealb (formerly iRealBook). Incredible collection of chord charts that have saved me on several gigs already.
    10-28-2011 01:02 AM