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    Tired of getting yourself into trouble from your drunk texts after a crazy night out? Let the Drunk Text Savior help.
    Avoid embarrassing situations that your crazy nightlife text messages seem to get you in by letting the Drunk Text Savior App help you analyze whether your message is suitable to be sent or not.
    With this app you can see the photo of the contact you are trying to text so you don't send the wrong message. We also included bigger font so there is no need to squint when trying to type and you can also listen to your message before you play it with our audio playback feature. The coolest feature in this app is our warning meter. It warns the user when they've included too many curse words or misspelled words in your message. Available Now in the App Store.

    Check it out in the app store by searching 'Drunk Text Savior' developed by Rocket Tier!
    10-26-2011 12:28 AM