1. Joao Ferrand's Avatar
    Finally WingzStudio released its first new game for iPad and they are very prowd to share it wih you!

    Stringz HD is all about a cute and curious blue alien that got trapped in a spacial wreck while exploring his galaxy.
    Now you have to guide him back to his spaceship by drawing the correct string on the screen.
    Catch as many stars as you can to unlock new planets full of levels! You have limited rope! use it wisely!

    Stringz Highlights
    Use your perception of physics to draw a path for "Z" .
    Collect as many stars as you can. Two are easy, we dare you to get all three stars on each level.
    The less string you use more score you get.
    Avoid bombs and lasers or you'll be toasted.
    Lots of levels and 180 stars to collect.
    10-23-2011 05:25 PM