1. Tharle games's Avatar
    This game is all about killing flies. Wondering what is the fun in killing Flies? The gameplay of fly smasher is very simple yet highly addictive. The game is like a test to your retaliating capabilities. All you have to do to score points is to kill as many numbers of flies you can. Beware the game is not as easy as you smash a fly. There are kinds of flies in the game on killing which you lose points too. So you have to be keen and very observant while killing those flies out there.

    The Aim of the game is to save the Food which is kept at one corner of the room and the flies keep entering from the other corner of the room. You have to prevent the flies from reaching the food. There is a Type A flies which fetch you points for getting killed were as Type B flies which deduct points from your score for getting killed. Killing more number of Type A flies in a go will fetch you bonus points too. There are also bigger versions of the same Type A and Type B flies. Bigger Type A flies need to be tapped twice in order to kill. You can also use insecticides to kill all the flies at once.
    This simple game keeps you glued to your iPad as simplicity in the game turns to become challenging as the game proceeds. Play the fly smasher game if you are looking for some kind of a different game and bugged with the routine puzzle and physics games.
    10-22-2011 07:17 AM
  2. LisaKayeLA's Avatar
    The scoring system was confusing and I ended up thinking I was doing better than I was one round and worse the next. Overall it was fun to just smash bugs tho. This is one of those games the kids will like to play on a long road trip.
    10-24-2011 03:10 PM
  3. Tharle games's Avatar
    Thanks for your interest about the game. Scoring in the game is not a difficult task as it seemed to you. there are two kinds of flies.Type A and Type B.tap on Type A flies to score points. do not Tap on Type B flies as you will loose points if you do so. There are bigger versions of the same Type A and Type B flies. these flies need two simultaneous taps to be killed. again Type B flies should not be killed...
    10-28-2011 05:11 AM